5 Top Tips on staying authentic while using social media automation

Some of the major misconceptions about using JARVEE automation are that it's somehow cheating, and a shortcut to growth as opposed to manual work of clicking and unclicking that follow button. However, it's all up to how you choose to utilize its powers, isn't it?

Doctor JARVEE's team values consistent growth above a "one-time-hit", and to help you achieve that, we've written down a few tips to inspire and assist you in being authentic while automating.

1. Do what Jarvee canโ€™t

Use the allowed actions to have an actual conversation with your followers. Send a friendly DM to a struggling entrepreneur, reply to some questions on your posts and just take an interest in other people’s lives. It’s as simple as that.

2. Visit eye catching followers with low numbers.

Seek out some of your most engaged followers that have interesting content but low numbers. Use your expertise to DM them some encouraging advice and reply to their stories. This would be extremely useful for businesses with products such as; online coaching and digital courses, but overall, any niche can follow this give-to-get method to grow their engagement and outreach.

3. Use your Stories to actually, tell a story!

As business owners, we all sin in using the IG and FB stories features to straight-up promote our products and services, while we should be using it to give a sneak-peek to the behind-the-scenes process. While automating most of your social media marketing efforts, create stories as a POV of how running a business looks like.


When people send a reaction to your story, even with just an emoji, use the One Sentence Rule, and reply with a short sentence that you’d normally say in a real-life situation.

4. Investing in the copywriting of your DM's

Use this awesome JARVEE feature wisely. This is the first impression your new followers get after they have entered your “store” and maybe, are already looking for more information, and have some questions to ask. Perhaps not, but a well-written CTA never hurts anyone. Change it up once a month to keep it relevant and converting.

It’s a lot to take in, but it’s ok. Think like a human being to make sense of the whole engagement rates thing, and leave the robot operation to us ๐Ÿ™‚
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