3 ways to grow organically on Instagram


In the article “shedding some light on how Instagram works”, Addam Moserry, the head of Instagram, explains how Instagram ranks content, which is especially :


“We are looking at how popular a post seems to be. These are signals like how many and how quickly other people are liking, commenting, sharing, and saving a post.”

Let’s try to analyze its meaning: The more engagement your content gets, the more organic exposure it gets. According to this strategy for organic growth you should use the average engagement level of your content as the most important metric to follow if you want to grow.


I want to share with you 3 ways to generate organic growth

3 ways to generate organic growth on Instagram

You can take these 3 basic steps to increase your engagement levels, hence your organic exposure. Just know ahead: buying fake engagement or fake followers isn’t one a tactic I am going to recommend, fake followers are detected easily by the algorithm of Instagram and have no effect on your organic reach.

#1 Interact with potential followers

You can do it both manually and automatically. Manually, just interact with people you see as potential followers. You can target other accounts in the niche and monitor who engage with their posts.


Then, enter these profiles and interact with them – make a contextual comment and make sure to give them a reason to check who you are.

Obviously, doing everything manual is not what’s going to gain you hundreds of followers per day. For that reason, use Jarvee to automate growth actions like follow-unfollow in order to raise the awareness of your account and expose it to new potential followers.

#2 Optimize your content

Follow-unfollow brings attention to your content, but it is to convince them whether to follow your account or not the content itself must be epic. So how to plan what to post?


The answer is: data. “Data-driven organizations are 162% more likely to significantly surpass revenue goals.” (according to a research by Database). 


For social media accounts this is true as well, you can surpass your engagement levels if you become data driven.


You can do that by monitoring what content already succeeded to gain massive organic exposure and go viral. This practice is being used by professional Instagram marketers who use it because it makes their decision making process data driven.

To find content that went viral, use a software like viralspy. It’s simple to use: you enter a handle of the Instagram account you want to monitor and the software scrapes hundreds of its latest posts and sorts them by their engagement levels from top to bottom.

The example above was taken from the webinar “how to use viral content to grow organically on Instagram.”

#3 Collaborate

Collaborations can expose you to new audiences, usually in exchange for mutual exposure of the other account to your followers. The concept of shoutout-for-shoutout is a common practice among Instagram account owners. But what can you do if your account isn’t big enough in order to be able to offer shoutout exchanges with other accounts?


What you can still do is to collaborate with your own followers. Ask your followers to post something related to your account’s topic and tag you. In exchange, share their posts in your story and tag them. 


Yes, these might not be big accounts that share your content like in the case of the common shoutout for shoutout practice, but this is just a step in the journey of your growth. Plus, these accounts might have very high engagement rates themselves so don’t underestimate them.


Growth is a journey.


Start working on it by creating a list of accounts in your niche that you wish to monitor. Make sure to interact manually with their followers, but also to setup Jarvee to automate the process.


Analyze their content to find what went viral and then repost or recreate it on your account. 


Last, try to collaborate. Ask your followers to tag you in their posts and you’ll get a mini version of the shoutout for shoutout concept. And of course once you are big enough, exchange shoutouts with other big accounts.

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